Hike to Silver Falls’ lesser-known waterfalls

It wouldn’t be fair to call them the “forgotten waterfalls of Silver Falls State Park.”

After all, the five cascades smack in the middle of Oregon’s largest state park are still part of the Trail of Ten Falls, one of the most famous hikes in the Pacific Northwest.

But the truth is, this quintet of waterfalls get far fewer visitors than the most crowded sections of the park even though they’re just as stunning and easy to reach.

The waterfalls in question include Winter Falls (134 feet), Middle North Falls (106 feet), Drake Falls (30 feet), Lower North Falls (30 feet) and Double Falls (178 feet). They aren’t always impressive during the dry summer months, but following a nice Oregon rain, all five boom with spectacular power.

The best news is that all five can be visited on a hike of just 2.6 miles with 450 feet of climb. That’s not quite easy, but it’s not particularly difficult, either. Most people in even moderate shape should be able to take this hike.

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