SPARtool Outdoor and Survival Multitool

SPARtool is a lightweight multi-tool for camping and general outdoor use.

The SPARtool combines the functions of a shovel, axe, saw, hammer, pick, pry bar, and bottle opener. It is 100% manufactured in the USA, and its solid construction from spring tempered 1075 carbon steel and shatterproof Zytel polymer gives it the advantage in simplicity and durability compared to current camp shovels on the market. The SPARtool’s total length is 22″ and it weighs 2.8 lbs.

A common gripe with multi-tools is that many of their mechanisms are awkward and difficult to use, and inferior to a dedicated tool for the job. SPARtool strives to create a design that shifts smoothly and safely between functions, and is comfortable for all its uses.

The SPARtool features a 6″x 8″ shovel head with integrated chopping edge, saw blade, and bottle opener. The 1075 carbon steel and Zytel handle is topped with a flat pry bar, hammer, and 4″ pick that functions as a handle for digging and sawing.

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