New Hampshire Grid Challenge

The 11,000 pictures Jeb Bradley has snapped of New Hampshire’s White Mountains may sound like a lot, but maybe not when spread across The Grid.

Bradley, a Republican state senator from Wolfeboro, is among five dozen diehard hikers who have completed The Grid challenge, in which hikers summit each of New Hampshire’s 48 mountains higher than 4,000 feet in each month of the year. It gets its name from the spreadsheet hikers use to track their progress toward the 576-hike finish line.

“What is surprising having hiked at high altitude — I’ve been to 19,000 feet — is when people say, ‘Oh, it must be so much harder to hike in the Rockies or the Alps, or the Himalayas,’ ’’ Bradley said. ‘‘No, not really. The White Mountains are so rugged.”

Those who cut paths up the mountains in the 1800s didn’t bother with switchbacks, Bradley said. “They just went straight up. We’re the Granite State for a reason, and our trails are rugged,” he said. “They’re steep, and they get a lot of use, so there’s erosion, and that makes them even rougher.”

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