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For years, I have shied away from advertising here at Meanderthals, choosing to place the focus on hiking and conservation rather than garish commercialism. I know that you would much rather look at scenic photos from the Smoky Mountains than flashing, blinking promotions that smack you upside the head and eventually simply get ignored. Over the years I have turned down numerous opportunities to put those ads on these pages. None of them matched want I have in mind for Meanderthals going forward.

That is until now. Welcome Wildland Trekking. If you’ve been paying attention the past couple weeks, you may have noticed that I quietly introduced the ad you see over there on the right for this respected hiking guide company. Wildland Trekking offers services that are valuable to those of you who have become regulars at Meanderthals. Here is another of their banners:


Wildland Trekking: Guided hiking and backpacking tours in the best of American wild places.

Wildland Trekking: Guided hiking and backpacking tours in the best of American wild places.


I did my research on Wildland Trekking before accepting their advertising. Nearly every review is 5-star. They are a quality, reputable hiking guide company that offers only the most well-trained guides and the most exciting wilderness adventures. You can trust them. They are recommended by the National Park and Forest Services, the American Hiking Society, by REI and a host of wilderness associations and coalitions.

Their advertising that you will see on this site focuses on Great Smoky Mountains National Park because that is where most of you hit the trails. But Wildland Trekking is a national company that also offers guided backpacking trips to Grand Canyon, the Colorado Rockies, the Mighty Five in Utah, Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons, as well as several other stimulating destinations.

Managing and operating a website these days is not inexpensive. The more Meanderthals continues to grow, the higher the overhead becomes. Thanks to the sponsorship of Wildland Trekking, some of those costs are now being covered in an appealing, useful, and non-intrusive way. I promise to keep it that way. I hope you will support Wildland Trekking by clicking on their ads, perusing their offerings, and considering their services for your next big adventure. Thank you.


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  1. Tim Truemper

    I think this thoughtful and reasoned and I fully support. You work hard on this site and I think carefully selected advertising is “all good.”

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