A Hiking We Will Go: Exploring Jersey’s Trails

The Skylands Region is home to rolling hills and endless acres of farmlands. It also boasts the highest point in New Jersey—aptly named High Point State Park in Sussex County.

The Gateway Region is the most urban part of the state, but that doesn’t mean it offers less hiking than the state’s other regions. The best thing about hiking these parts is the potential for skyline scenery in the distance.

The Delaware River Region, which encompasses five counties, borders the Delaware and includes part of the Pinelands—a National Reserve made up of more than one million acres of land and home to dozens of rare plant and animal species.

While the Shore Region does encompass more than half of New Jersey’s beaches, it’s also home to some great hikes. Hartshorne Woods Park is known for its extensive network of trails—almost 19 miles in just under 800 acres.

Its claim to fame may be Atlantic City, but this southern New Jersey county isn’t all casinos and beaches. At Estell Manor Park there are more than eight miles of hiking trails, which include about 1.5 miles of boardwalk.

Situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the Delaware Bay, the southernmost New Jersey counties of the Southern Sore Region have a flat mix of sand and marshland terrain.

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