Blue Flame Footwear Thermal Socks

Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks are manufactured from thick, heavy-duty acrylic fibers that have undergone an intensive brushing process, designed not only for warmth but to provide maximum comfort. The brushed acrylic inner provides ultra-soft cushioning while trapping air, preventing the escape of your coveted body heat even at insanely low temperatures. Why Blue Flame Footwear? The warmest part of a flame is the part closest to the energy source, and when hot enough, actually gives off blue light.

Disclosure: BBS Hosiery, Inc. contacted me to try their Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks at no cost to me. My only responsibility was an agreement to complete this review after trying the item. I was not pressured in any way to make a positive endorsement.

Each individual Blue Flame thermal sock is about a half inch thick, providing a genuinely bulky feel when worn on your feet. This thickness provides greater comfort and warmth when worn in extremely low temperatures, and also gives Blue Flame Thermals their uniquely fluffy consistency. It’s a combination of thick looped acrylic and the intensive brushing process that gives them their remarkable heat retention.

Blue Flame thermal socks have been developed as work and hiking socks, manufactured to hold up to the daily grind of hard-working men and women everywhere. Durability was a key focus during product development so these socks are built to last.

If you’re like me, when you think of thermal socks you usually think of wool, or alpaca, or some other form of itchy, sweaty textile. Not so with Blue Flame Footwear. The brushed acrylic is similar in composition to other fabrics like microfiber or polyester that are soft and comfortable. This also contributes to that durability.


Blue Flame Footwear


BBS Hosiery, Inc. is launching Blue Flame Footwear on September 1, 2015 as the newest in their product line of athletic socks that also includes the Ecosox bamboo brand. When they asked me a few weeks ago to review this thermal sock for their product launch, we were in the grips of an unusually hot summer. Wait, I said, you want me to review thermal socks when it’s 90+° outside? They said yes, the timing seems foolish, but they want to get the socks on the market and ready to go before winter sets in. Be prepared as they say.

So, in fairness, I can’t really tell you how well the Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks stand up to icy cold or snowy wet. I can’t tell you what it’s like to wear a pair with my hiking boots on a 10-mile climb in the Smoky Mountains under extreme winter conditions. What I can tell you about are things like comfort and fit. I separated my thoughts into a series of pros and cons:


Blue Flame




  • Very soft and comfortable particularly the inside that is next to your skin has a feeling akin to fleece. In fact, they are so soft I might be tempted to wear these socks as a kind of bedroom slippers around the house on chilly mornings.
  • Thick and cushiony these socks are padded for a long hike, cushiony so they feel great inside your boot, and warm for those days or nights when the temperature might otherwise be uncomfortable. See below, though, for a reason why this might also be considered a con.
  • High on the leg preventing drafts depending on your foot size, the socks come up to at least mid-calf, so you aren’t likely to get a blast of cold wind chilling your lower leg.
  • Smooth seams so no lumps at the toes and they don’t bunch up. Don’t you hate it when a sock seam manages to work itself right into a spot where it rubs against the edge of a toe? Not so with these.




  • Rolls (curls up) at the top on your leg the small amount of elastic or spandex that holds the sock up on your leg has a tendency to curl, not to the point of being a nuisance, but it is noticeable.
  • Thick and cushiony wait, you say… how can this be a pro and a con. Well, these socks REALLY are thick. That might be a problem if your hiking boots or trail runners are already somewhat tight. As long as you have plenty of room inside your shoes, you’re good to go. Be prepared at least to loosen your laces.




As is always the case with products of BBS Hosiery Inc., all Blue Flame Thermals are of top quality and are backed by a satisfaction guarantee. All Blue Flame Thermals are guaranteed for one full year from the date of purchase. If dissatisfied with your socks in any way, simply send the laundered socks with purchase receipt back to BBS Hosiery, Inc. for a free replacement.

The Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks retail for US$12.99. They come in either black or khaki for men, and pink or black for women. They may be purchased online from BBS Hosiery, Inc.

BBS Hosiery, Inc. has a complete line of bamboo socks products, including diabetic and compression socks, hiking socks that include a 17% merino additive, active sports socks and a special variety of pink accented socks that help support breast cancer awareness. They are a Dayton, Ohio company and for every 3-pack of their pink accents, one dollar will be donated to the Dayton Breast Cancer Foundation.

As winter approaches, I intend to put my Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks through a complete hiking test, and will post the results here. So come back in a few months to see how these super-comfortable socks perform on the trail.

Update January 31, 2016: Well, as I said above, I would be back to tell you about winter hiking in the Blue Flame socks. They do indeed keep your tootsies nice and toasty. I still have the same problem of needing hiking boots that are a little big so the socks will fit inside without being too tight. Also, I noticed because of the fleece-like inside of the socks that they tend to slip just a little when walking. However, I was able to solve that by wearing a pair of thin sock liners underneath the Blue Flames. All good.

Disclosure: BBS Hosiery, Inc. contacted me to try their Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks at no cost to me. My only responsibility was an agreement to complete this review after trying the item. I was not pressured in any way to make a positive endorsement.


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