Camp Clayborne Fulfills Wanderlust with Sleeping Bag Hammock

BOISE, Idaho, Aug. 10, 2015–After the successful funding of their first sleeping bag hammock, the couple behind the Bison Bag G1 are back with the next version of their sleeping bag hammock: the Bison Bag G2.

The new polyester design features triple layer insulation ensuring that minimal body heat escapes during overnight adventures. The sleeping bag hammock is rated to 55 degrees Fahrenheit; however, it can be used in lower temperatures, if a sleeping bag pad is used. To keep it simple, the sleeping bag, hammock, carabiners and rope can fit within the included sleeping bag sack.

“We’re so excited to share this with the Kickstarter community and beyond, said Lance Williams, CEO and Founder of Camp Clayborne Outdoor Goods. “There’s been a ton of time and effort we’ve put into designing the Bison Bag, and as a result my camp nights have been leaps and bounds better in a hammock, and so much warmer in a Bison Bag.”

In continuation of a family tradition of long backpacking trips, the husband and wife duo strives to enjoy their outdoor adventures, while traveling as minimally as possible-gone are the tents and poles, sleeping bags and camping pads.

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