Long road to completion of Rio Grande Trail

Rio Grande Trail commissioners held their first meeting July 29,2015 to discuss creating a 500-mile recreational route through New Mexico. The task before them won’t be easy or quick. There’s a dizzying array of decisions and tasks to undertake before the trail will become a reality.

It’s so early in the process, the commission has only a bare-bones digital page, housed within the website of the state Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department.

The group agreed it will need money, a robust website, maps of existing trails, routes for new trail segments, a trail coordinator and a whole lot more involvement from tribes, pueblos and the public in order to ultimately build a contiguous trail spanning the length of New Mexico, from the Colorado line to the Texas border.

“The trail will require money from the general fund until it can generate its own revenue,” said Sen. Carlos Cisneros, D-Questa, one of the legislators who will serve as a nonvoting commission member. “We must pursue that vigorously. We should prepare a budget for the Legislative Finance Committee.”

The group can turn to other experienced long-distance trail groups for advice.

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