Hiking the Scandinavian Mountains — A Must for Every Hiker

The Scandinavian mountain range, running through most of Sweden and Norway, is one of the most underrated hiking locations on the planet. With its vast valleys and low, snow-capped mountains, this northern mountain chain presents a unique landscape filled to the brink with natural treasures to be discovered.

Everyone’s heard of the magical fjords of Norway, but few people are aware that they actually make up part of the Scandinavian mountain chain. There aren’t a lot of mountain chains overlooking the ocean like this, making this such a rare location, where the mountains fall into the waters to form these famously beautiful fjords.

With its highest peak resting at a modest 2,400 meters, the Scandinavian mountain chain is not one of the highest – or steepest – mountain chains out there. And although this doesn’t exactly make it a hotspot for hardcore mountain climbers, it makes the area more than perfect for the thrill-seeking hiker.

There aren’t a lot of mountains in the world that can boast a view of regular and plentiful aurora. But being located so far to the north, the Scandinavian mountains provide a perfect location for spotting this heavenly phenomenon. Whenever the sky is clear and dark enough, there is a high chance of seeing the Aurora.

The Scandinavian mountains also boast an annual occurrence of midnight sun. The mountains stretch above the Arctic Circle. This basically means that, for a few weeks every summer, the sun never sets. It’s quite an experience to stand atop a mountain and watch a sunset that lasts for hours without actually setting.

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