Heroin epidemic leading to car breaks at Vermont hiking trails

State Police are reporting a number of car breaks across the state at parks and hiking trailheads this week.

“Last year there were numerous car breaks at various hiking access locations in Vermont. This is in part due to the ongoing heroin and opiate challenges the state currently faces,” police officials said.

Addicts are searching for money and items to steal so they can purchase drugs, police said.

There have been frequent car breaks in a variety of places including the Mount Philo State Park in Charlotte; Camel’s Hump State Park in Huntington and Duxbury, Underhill State Park in Underhill; Snake Mountain Hiking Access, Addison and the Robert Frost Trail in Ripton.

Police are warning citizens to not leave valuable items in vehicles at the trailheads. Some examples would include: purses, cell phones, money, credit cards, wallets and jewelry in their cars. They are also told to lock their cars.

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