WV walking, hiking trails ready for spring traffic

The first rays of sunshine have burst through the clouds to melt the snow, and people and animals are emerging from a sleepy winter. While many walking and hiking trails carved through northern West Virginia are well known, such as the Panhandle Trail, Montour Trail and Mingo Creek County Park trails, others are hidden treasures.

Enlow Fork is tucked away in Greene County in State Game Lands No. 302. While walkers should be aware of regulations during hunting season, the trails are blazing with color during the spring.

In late winter, flowers begin springing up. By spring, flowers line the roadway leading up to the trail. Blue-eyed Marys and trilliums are all around, and walkers may find streams, a waterfall and birds. Crossing over a bridge into Washington County provides a new wildflower scene with Jack-in-the-pulpits.

Along one section of the trail is a long-abandoned homestead. While the owners who planted flowers there likely passed years ago, crocuses and snowdrops live on. “It’s kind of neat that this old homestead hasn’t been tended for half a century and they still pop up.”

Wildflower enthusiasts gather yearly for the Enlow Fork Wildflower Walk scheduled in 2015 for April 26.

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