Fire-damaged trails in San Marcos, CA reopen

Several hiking trails in San Marcos, California that burned in the massive Cocos Fire last year are now open again.

“The views up there are just outstanding,” said hiker John Page as he returned from hiking the Double Peaks Trail. It has been 10 months since he or anyone else has hiked it.

“They were burnt pretty bad where we had to keep people off,” said park ranger Ron Vinluan. “There are guardrails that kept people from going off the side, those were burnt.”

Vinluan says five trails were closed after the Cocos Fire last May swept through the area. Much of the damage he says came from bulldozers and firefighting efforts to put the fire out. “It was pretty bad … there were burnt trees on both sides of the mountain,” said hiker Crystal Folk.

Some of the hillside is still charred. Workers with the city of San Marcos put in new fencing and resurfaced the trails. “Everything’s grown back. The fences look really nice and the trails are cleaned off and we’re really excited about it,” said one hiker.

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