Hiking New Zealand’s Lake Waikaremoana

Anyone who has trekked in New Zealand truly understands that this beautiful, rugged country offers several opportunities to explore a fantasy realm.

The nine Great Walks – designated inconic hikes in New Zealand – feature an unparalleled diversity of color that highlights the unique landscape and sets your imagination adrift; it’s like actually living a work of fiction.

One of those nine is the four-day, 46-kilometer (28.5-mile) Lake Waikaremoana Great Walk, where you can do a little trout fishing and take in the sights along this enormous body of deep blue wonder.

The trail takes you through an ancient, moss-covered “Goblin Forest,” that occasionally opens up to provide amazing views of the rippling, cerulean lake below.

The path is steep and you quickly rise high above the water, eventually leaving you looking down upon the clouds.

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