Newborns, parents hit the trails as part of new hiking group

Apollo Trifan hiked more than 275 miles last year, but this year it might be hard to top that, as he’s currently learning to walk.

Apollo is 20 months old and hiked all those miles last year with his parents as part of Hike It Baby, a group where moms and dads hit the trails with their newborns. The international group was started in Portland, OR in 2013, and a Vancouver branch was born last year with a hike at Salmon Creek Greenway.

Three women lead hikes throughout Clark County, BC, and the group offers multiple hikes of varying degrees each week. They offer trail hikes and neighborhood strolls, and they offer hikes that are stroller-accessible. The different degrees of difficulty are also helpful as children grow, which Trifan is finding out.

The Vancouver branch varies in size depending on the hike, sometimes with just a couple of families attending and sometimes with as many as 14 families. While most parents bring newborns, they’ve had children as old as 10 join the group on hikes.

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