Top Dog Breeds for Hiking

Who is the one per­son you can always count on to go for a hike when­ever you feel like it?

Well, it’s not a per­son. It’s man’s best friend: your dog. A fit, healthy dog will likely be more excited to hit the trail than you.

Most dog breeds will enjoy a jaunt in the woods, but some dogs have back­coun­try sur­vival in their blood.

If you’re a hiker of the avid vari­ety, you need to choose a dog that will be com­fort­able in the for­est and on moun­tain trails. You’ll need a dog with good recall (comes when called) so it won’t go chas­ing madly off after a squir­rel, or worse, a moun­tain lion.

Your dog needs to be strong and boast pow­er­ful endurance. Even the cli­mate and con­di­tions of your area deter­mine which breed is best.

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