Kauai fire department rescues more than 60 hikers

Heavy rains on the Hawaiian island of Kauai led to major rescue efforts by the Kauai Fire Department. Dozens of hikers are lucky to be alive on Christmas Eve. More than 60 of them had to be rescued from Kalalau Valley on Kauai that morning. But officials say some of them weren’t even supposed to be there.

A total of 62 stranded hikers were air lifted out of the valley after multiple streams became too dangerous to cross. Some were campers who had been there for days, but others had ignored warnings that the conditions were dangerous because of the bad weather and hiked in anyway.

Because of the recent rainy weather the Department of Land and Natural Resources posted park closure signs at the Kalalau trail head days before. While many of the hikers had already been in the area before the signs were posted some hikers ignored the warning signs.

Matt Vidaurri has hiked Kalalau Valley before and knows that it’s important to always be ready in case waters rise and you become stranded. “Whenever it rains and even when it drizzles just stay out,” said Vidaurri.

C’mon people! Don’t put our brave first responders at risk.

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