Miles Of Public Trails On Long Island’s East End Now Marked For Hiking

Hikers take note: miles and miles of new trails on Long Island’s East End are now open. It’s all part of an effort to get people to enjoy the natural treasures in their own backyard.

Every week members of the Southampton Trails Preservation Society walk the public trails dotting the landscape from Southampton to Bridgehampton, but until now, you had to know the way. “If you’re a newcomer, but you see the green blazes you will not get lost,” said Susan Colledge, with the society.

The Green Blazes Trail Club markers now mark the way along the winding trails that connect many of the East End’s hamlets. The hiking club put up the markers along with several maps to show where you are along the trail.

The preservation group encountered some initial resistance to marking the trails that border homes, but it evaporated when residents realized most trail visitors only come to enjoy the natural surroundings. “It’s a completely different view than from you car,” said Colledge. “I’ve lived here a while but it wasn’t until I entered the woods that I realized what we had.”

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