Bondi to Bronte Coast Walk Extension

The Bondi to Bronte coast walk is a part of the nationally significant 9km coastal walk from Sydney’s South Head to Maroubra. The project resolves complex geotechnical, structural and heritage conditions to retain the significant cliff top heath community and the remarkable hanging swamps along the exposed sandstone platforms.

A set of lookouts strung together by a light thread of walkway along the cliff tops of Sydney’s east captures the sublime of the headlands, the sandstone outcrops and the vastness at the continent’s edge.

Sensitivity to site is embodied in the simple materials and understated lightness of the walkway’s design as it shifts and slides along the movement path to reveal the story of the cliff top landscape. Each of the five lookout points takes on its own distinctive form as the walkway cranks and fractures in response to the crystalline geology of the site and angular structure of Hawkesbury sandstone.

Over remnant vegetation, the walkway’s timber switches to a gridded fiberglass mesh to allow light and water to penetrate. Materials are selected for design quality, durability and sustainability. A limited use of balustrades balances risk with experience.

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