Little Rock Pond on Long Trail, perfect spot for hikers

Little Rock Pond, located in the quaint little village of Mount Tabor, Vermont is a perfect hiking destination. Situated along the Long Trail, Little Rock Pond is a pristine mountain lake with crystal clear water nestled in the iconic Green Mountain Range.

The hike is quick, easy, and relatively flat, with only 350 feet of elevation gain over two miles. The terrain is forgiving and is easy to navigate for trekkers of all ages. This hike is around four miles round trip, and shouldn’t take more than 2½ hours to complete. This picturesque pathway is part of both the Long Trail and the Appalachian Trail and is marked with the white trail markers of the Appalachian Trail.

The lake has areas for camping and there is a caretaker there in the warmer months who maintains the trails, camping area, and surrounding forest. There is a $5 overnight fee if you want to camp at the shelter and that money goes to the Green Mountain Club which maintains the Long Trail.

This area is frequented by both day hikers and backpackers. While it can seem busy at times, there is a certain sense of solitude in the woods and that sense isn’t lost on this hike. A friendly face is a warm reminder that you’re not alone out in the woods.

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