Film chronicles rigors of walking Continental Divide Trail

New Mexico is often described as lying along the “backbone” of North America — that is, the Rocky Mountain chain and the Continental Divide that separates the river waters of the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic Ocean.

A rough foot trail — the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, often simply called the Continental Divide Trail or CDT — now parallels this backbone, running 3,100 miles from the Canadian border to the Mexican/New Mexico border. Hiking its length is a huge physical and mental challenge, but more and more people are undertaking it as the various segments of the trail are finally stitched together.

Now, a film about the CDT and the rigors met while hiking it has been created. Walking the Great Divide will be screened as part of a 14-day, eight-city tour in Texas, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and California. The film was written, shot, produced, directed and edited by Mark Flagler.

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