This Amazing Utah Canyon Hike Comes With a Rescue Dog

In a world of resorts eager to find a competitive edge in guest amenities, one Utah resort has truly gone to the dogs.

Flash and his canine buddies get to hike the rusty red mountains twice a week — at least they will until they are adopted from the Ivins Animal Shelter in Ivins, Utah. They do it as part of a program with the Red Mountain Resort, where guests get the privilege of hiking with shelter pups — a program that seems equally beneficial for both the dogs and the humans.

The Ivins Animal Shelter has a no-kill policy, and its adoption rate is 99.7 percent.

The Pound Puppy Hike program came about 10 years ago while a hiking guide for Red Mountain was splitting her time between the resort and running the animal shelter.

These days the top dog at the shelter is Aggie Smith. A no-nonsense woman with a big heart, Smith has worked here for nine years. She started as a volunteer and is now the shelter manager and an animal control officer.

For the Pound Puppy Hike, the dogs are brought out one by one and they couldn’t be happier to see their hiking companions.

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