12 Job Ideas For Thru Hikers

Culmination season is ramping up as northbound thru hikers are reaching the end of their journeys. Every hiker knows the grim reality behind that glorious moment at the end of their 2,000 mile trail. Once the photos have been snapped and descent has been made, there is only one place to go for most hikers: Home. This is wonderful at first (not at all the grim part). Sleeping in a bed, eating all the foods you missed and, maybe best of all, returning to friends and family. But for most, after a short time of rest this leads to the necessity of finding a job.

Employment, also know as hiker trash heartbreak, quickly replaces fresh air and rushes of adrenaline with schedules and routines. It is tough enough to leave behind the life and the trail family you knew so single-mindedly for half a year. It is even tougher to be immediately thrown back into the monotony of a job. But not every job out there has to create a chasm between your shiny new thru hiker life style and the necessity to make a living.

Here is a list of twelve job ideas that keep a dirty little hiker immersed in the outdoors and adventure.


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