Trace Ridge Trails and Roads Reopened in Pisgah

The U.S. Forest Service has reopened all trails and roads in the Trace Ridge and Wash Creek Area after completing an ecosystem improvement project in the Pisgah Ranger District, Pisgah National Forest. All roads and trails have been reopened to their designated use, including Wash Creek Road, which restores motorized access to the Trace Ridge Trailhead.

The roads and trails were closed during the project to help ensure public safety during timber harvesting activities. The evidence of implementing this project will be obvious as timber harvesting activities took place in the Trace Ridge Trailhead area and a portion of Trace Ridge and Wash Creek Trails were utilized to complete the project.

The Forest Service designed the Brushy Ridge project to fulfill management objectives in the current Nantahala and Pisgah National Forest management plan. This project allowed the agency to implement a variety of management activities to improve ecological diversity, as well as promote forest health and sustainability.

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