New Owyhee Canyonlands Guide Features 55 Hikes

Idaho outdoor authors Steve Stuebner and fine arts photographer Mark Lisk teamed up to produce a new 240-page guidebook titled “The Owyhee Canyonlands — An Outdoor Adventure Guide,” which was released for retail sales this week.

The book is a product of several decades of research by Stuebner and Lisk, who love to camp, hike, bike, boat and explore the Owyhee Mountains and Canyonlands.

The guide features 55 hikes and mountain bike rides — spanning from Leslie Gulch and Succor Creek in Eastern Oregon, south of Ontario, Ore., across the Owyhee Front from Marsing to Grand View, to the Bruneau, Sheep Creek and Jarbidge canyons south of Mountain Home. All told, the Owyhee Canyonlands cover 5 million acres in Owyhee County, Stuebner’s press release said.

Stuebner is also the author of outdoor guides including “Boise Trail Guide: 75 Hiking and Trail-Running Routes Close to Home,” “Mountain Biking in Boise” and the “Boise Road Cycling Guide.”

“Because of the sheer remoteness of the Owyhees and lack of services, the Owyhees can be somewhat daunting and puzzling to outdoorsy folks,” Stuebner said. “Our guide will provide tons of new camping, hiking, biking or driving adventures in this stunningly beautiful area. Detailed driving directions to trailheads, GPS coordinates for trailheads and fully detailed descriptions for hiking and biking adventures unlock the mystery of these trips for the public to enjoy.”

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