Cultural hiking in Italy: Tuscany trekking from Florence to Siena

Of all the various modes of travel, by foot is the most intimate and also the most natural. Hiking allows you an often overlooked and underrated relationship with your surroundings.

Walking forces you to interact, take your time, and truly inhale the world around. Nowhere else on the globe are these intangible benefits more celebrated than the famed Italian countryside of Tuscany.

From the artistic capital of the renaissance in Florence, to the Gothic cathedral spires in Siena, this sprawling region is characterized by rolling hills, storybook vineyards, and unbeatable authentic Italian culture and countryside.

It is no surprise that Tuscany trekking routes have developed all over the region. They are now a must-do experience for active travellers seeking culture and countryside at their own pace.

The best time to hike through Tuscany is in the summer and autumn. Besides olives and grapes, the landscape is colored with irises, poppies, and cypress trees. If you can take all of these in bloom you’ll really appreciate the beauty of the region.

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