8 risks that spring hikers should be aware of before hitting the trail

As the cold winter air turns milder and snow melts from the streets, those sitting inside throughout winter might be itching to get out and go on a hike.

“With spring hiking, there’s a handful of additional risks and there’s items that I recommend people take to mitigate those risks,” said Wesley Trimble, program outreach and communications manager for the American Hiking Society.

Trimble recommends doing some research before hitting your desired trail. National forest offices, land managers or even local offices can be a great source of information about trail conditions that tend to be more unpredictable in the spring.

In particular, creeks and rivers flow higher and faster in the spring than any other time of the year due to snowmelt.

The early springtime creeks and rivers can be more dangerous. Trimble recommends doing research to check if there are creeks or rivers that are on the desired trail and whether or not it is safe to hike at that current time.

Before you hit the trails or pack your backpack, make sure you know the eight risks that face spring hikers.


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