This Tourism Hotspot Could be the World’s First City to Run Out of Water

For the first time, a major city may run out of water this year.

South Africa’s city of Cape Town has been grappling with water shortages that are the result of what the Weather Channel calls the worst drought to hit the country in 100 years. The situation may result in Cape Town officials shutting off all of the city’s water taps this April.

Irregularly dry winters have created exceedingly low dam levels within the country, leading city representatives to set a “Day Zero” date, which is when they believe the country will see dam levels drop below 13.5 percent and lead to the mandatory shutting off of all taps.

Currently, the date is set for April 22. That’s a week earlier than the previous date set for April 29, with the city’s current dam levels only providing 19.7 percent of water that is actually useable.

Despite taking measures that include reducing water pressure and banning the ability to water outdoors or wash your car, city representatives are still finding that residents are using some 78 more million liters than the set goal.

Water shortages may become a reality in other locations as well, with the World Wildlife Fund estimating that two-thirds of the planet’s population could be facing water scarcity by 2025.

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