First Day Hikes: Start the new year off healthy

With Arizona State Parks’ First Day Hikes on Monday, Jan. 1, you can enjoy a beautiful hike and start the new year feeling healthy.

This year marks the sixth annual collaboration of all 50 state-park systems across the country to offer guided First Day Hikes and other activities on New Year’s Day, said Michelle Thompson, chief of communications for Arizona State Parks & Trails.

“This event is specifically planned to kick-start resolutions for the new year and help people get started on a healthy note,” Thompson said.

“First Day Hikes are absolutely family-friendly; there are hikes, walks, tours and activities for all skill levels and all ages, ranging from bird walks, tours through our historic parks, snow play — if there is snow — boat tours and more strenuous hikes,” she said.

In addition to giving people a chance to start 2018 in a healthy way, Thompson said First Day Hikes also let people see parts of Arizona they may have never seen before.

Thompson hopes that participants will enjoy their outings so much that they will be inspired to return to the park or visit other ones.

“We really hope that by getting out to experience the parks, people can see how much there is to see and do and will want to explore other parks or revisit their favorite during the year,” she said.

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