Peru’s colorful Rainbow Mountain is not for the faint-hearted

Some manage the ascent in three hours, others take longer. But once they are up, then they’re usually reluctant to come back down, thanks to the view of the surreal-looking mountain.

Tourism at Mount Vinicunca has yet to take off. Travel agencies only discovered it around two years ago. The mountain isn’t even listed in the current “Lonely Planet” guidebook, although that seems likely to change.

Mount Vinicunca near the mighty Ausangate is currently developing into a real tourist attraction, which could compete with Machu Picchu and other highlights in the South American country.

The Peruvians call it “Montana de Colores” – the mountain of colors. Among travelers it has acquired a similarly evocative name: Rainbow Mountain.

Millions of years ago, plate tectonics pushed various sediments to the Earth’s surface. As a result, the mountain features up to seven different colors, from iron red to sulphur yellow and copper green.

The hike is no walk in the park, however. The first step out of the bus is at an altitude of 4,480 meters, the viewing peak next to Rainbow Mountain is at 5,150 meters.

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