12 Health Benefits of Hiking You Maybe Didn’t Know About

Hiking offers the outdoor adventurer a great many potential rewards, many of which we are already aware: glorious scenery, a true examination of our mental and physical mettle, and a chance to form strong relationships while exploring some of the world’s most aesthetically captivating locations.

Not as many of us know that when hiking we can also derive a high number and huge variety of health benefits. Bonus, right? The combination of fun, adventure and healthy exercise for body and brain might make you something of a hiking fanatic.

For example, the American Heart Association states that we need only 75 minutes of rigorous physical activity and 150 minutes of moderate activity per week to ensure a healthier heart and less chance of having a stroke. One three-hour hike per week, then, is enough to do the trick.

It may also instill a desire to inspire as many others as possible to get out there and reap the same rewards.

Your time hiking will pay off now and in the future. It may be hard to get motivated sometimes, but think about all the benefits you will gain with each new adventure.

Just in case you need more convincing, here’s a list of twelve health benefits of hiking you maybe didn’t know about.


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