Meet the man hiking the entire Western Hemisphere

Though the longest possible land journey across the Americas has never before been completed in a single go, Holly Harrison is on the road to making history — he has 15,000 miles under his belt and is feeling just fine.

Stepping back onto American soil on Nov. 3 after setting out in Ushuaia, Argentina on Dec. 17, 2016, the 57-year-old North Carolinian credits good planning with his swift timing. “At night, I never veer more than 50 yards off the road. I’m as efficient as possible,” Harrison told Outside magazine.

The former U.S. Army Ranger and kids’ camp program director has already moved through 12 countries, hiking north through South and Central America, and he won’t stop until he’s reached Prudhoe Bay in Alaska.

If Harrison ─ known as “Cargo” on the trail ─ achieves his goal, he would be only the third person to hike from Patagonia to Alaska, walking the entire Western Hemisphere.

Now Harrison is trying to wrap up the trip in just 20 months and set the fastest time record yet. “People are always telling me, ‘You should see this along the way,’ but I’m in a race,” he said.

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