How To Be A More Responsible Hiker

Setting off into the wilderness on foot is a fantastic way to discover the natural beauty of the place you’re visiting. Hiking may seem like a very eco-friendly choice, and often is; but the irresponsible practices of hikers can have lasting damaging effects on the environment and local communities around you – the very surroundings that you’re there to enjoy.

The beautiful pristine places we enjoy as hikers will not stay that way unless we all take responsibility for keeping them that way. And it really doesn’t take much.

Just follow the rules, use your common sense and a keep a conscientious mind. In this way we can all ensure we’re being responsible hikers and doing our part to protect mother nature and all her beauty that’s shared with us.

It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? If you’re hiking in a national park or protected area, you’ll usually be given park information on entry – sometimes on signs, leaflets to take with you, or even a video to watch. Here’s the thing, though: many people just brush over it.

Whether you’re scaling peaks in the Lake District of the United Kingdom, exploring lush rainforests on the Caribbean island of Grenada or trekking to the end of the earth in South America’s Patagonia region, here are 10 tips for being a more responsible hiker.


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