5 Michigan Trails with a Twist

The experience many hikers, bicyclists and afternoon strollers seek is simply being on the trail and enjoying their companions and surroundings. There are plenty of others, though, whose time on the trail is best topped off with a special reward—a unique experience, a breathtaking view, an intriguing discovery and Michigan trails can provide that.

Nationally known as “The Trails State,” Michigan offers thousands of miles of recreational trails, and more than a few of them offer an extraordinary twist along the way that will satisfy any reward seeker-types.

Just 8 miles in length, the Huron Sunrise Trail, running from Rogers City along Lake Huron’s western shoreline to Forty Mile Point, packs a wonderfully scenic wallop any time of day. For the all-time ultimate trail experience, however, hikers, bikers and skaters should do as its name suggests and be on the trail at dawn.

On the opposite side of the Lower Peninsula, sky gazers can experience the incredible beauty of a night sky over the Great Lakes at Emmet County’s Headlands International Dark Sky Park, and its Dark Sky Discovery Trail.

Visitors to the Iron Ore Heritage Trail in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula don’t have to wait ‘til journey’s end to enjoy a unique experience. Instead, there’s something all along the 47-mile trail that allows hikers, bikers and off-roaders to immerse themselves in the rich history of an industry that shaped not only the state of Michigan, but also the entire nation.

Here is but a handful that all will enjoy, especially early birds, night owls and determined trekkers…


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