Lighten Your Pack with These 20 Ultralight Equivalents

If you’re new to the world of ultralight backpacking, baseweight numbers in the 5-10 lb range can sound like a hoax. These guys had to be skimping on essential gear somewhere to get their packs so light, right? Turns out after years of research, it is possible to have an ultralight pack with the same basic functionality and safety features as a traditional pack. You’ve just got to think a little outside the box.

In the linked article is a stereotypical traditional backpacking gear list. While this certainly won’t be representative of everyone’s situation, hopefully it still helps illustrate the points. For each gear item or group of items, they’ve also listed the ultralight equivalent and potential weight savings (detailed notes on exactly which models were compared are at the end of the article).

You could take all of the ultralight versions without noticing any appreciable change in the performance of your gear. Again, opinions and personal preferences will differ, but the primary goal is to show that there are plenty of ways to save weight without sacrificing function or safety.

Ready to lighten your load?


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