The Rule of 200 Feet and Other Campsite Tips

You’ve hiked all day and you’re ready to create a pop-up home for the night. Maybe you have the perfect backcountry campsite in mind. Maybe not. Maybe it’s already been snagged by other hikers.

If you have to set up camp at the end of a day on trail, do you know what you’re looking for? How well do you know your Leave No Trace principles?

Try to plan your route and your intended campsites before you go, and mark them on your map. It’s also not a bad idea to have a few locations in mind, in case one is occupied.

When it’s not possible to camp in your intended location, use this easy rule to help you choose a great campsite and set up your camp stations.

  • Tent: 200 feet from trail, water, food storage, dishwashing, toilet
  • Food Storage: 200 feet from tent, dishwashing, toilet
  • Dishwashing: 200 feet from tent, water, trail, food storage, toilet
  • Toilet: 200 feet from tent, trail, water, food storage, dishwashing

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