Changes coming to Superior Hiking Trail

Several changes are in the works for the 310-mile Superior Hiking Trail this summer. They include rerouting a portion of the trail in one place and installing a bridge in another location. In addition, the Superior Hiking Trail Association recently purchased land near the Encampment River to ensure the continued path of the trail through that property.

On July 21 and 22, a fiberglass bridge will be installed over the Red River near the Minnesota-Wisconsin boundary, completing the final segment of the Superior Hiking Trail in Minnesota. The bridge will span about 30 feet. At the border, the trail will join the existing North Country Trail.

A crew has begun building a reroute of the trail in the Gooseberry Falls State Park area where a private landowner asked that the trail be closed on his property. That rerouting of the trail will be about 3½ miles long.

The Superior Hiking Trail Association has purchased 10.6 acres of land on the west side of the Encampment River from a private party. The trail had crossed that land as part of an easement agreement and will remain in the same place.

Two bridges, over the Encampment River and over the Split Rock River will remain rock-hopping exercises, since the last bridges washed out during high water in 2013. The association is raising funds for the replacements.



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