Elevated arsenic readings close popular San Diego hiking trails

On the northwest side of the one of the City of San Diego’s more popular open space parks is a trail called Miners Ridge Loop.

It’s appropriately named because the city says the abandoned Black Mountain Arsenic Mine is located on the north slope of Black Mountain.

But, if you had any thoughts of escaping the city life for a hike on a portion of that specific trail you’d be turned away. A sign that blocks the entrance says the trail is closed temporarily.

If you take a closer look at the note fastened to the sign it reveals “The City of San Diego, in collaboration with its research consultants, has detected higher than normal arsenic readings at the abandoned arsenic mine in Black Mountain Open Space Park. There is no conclusive evidence that there has been or is an imminent threat to the health of the public, plants, or wildlife in and around the mine or along nearby trails as a result of this discovery.”

The press release says trails in close proximity to the mine are closed to allow researchers to conduct further testing, sampling, and monitoring. It also says research and thorough testing is expected to take months.

You just never know.

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