Oakland’s 510 Hikers Is All About Community

Nicholas Collins is founder of 510 Hikers, a community group that gets together weekly at various hiking spots. Collins is an East Oakland, CA native who grew up in the Hillmont area, and Leona Canyon Regional Park was his backyard.

Hikers meet with Collins every Saturday morning, from kids with their parents and couples wanting to get fit to friends, co-workers, grandparents — you name it.

Collins believes in fostering a close-knit community with a family feel, so novice hikers will feel at ease knowing that they will never be left behind, no matter how difficult the trail.

Every Wednesday, Collins posts that weekend’s hike location, as well as the time and the exact meeting point. From there, the hikers interested RSVP, and on Saturday meet for a quick stretch session beforehand. The locations vary, and the goal is to explore as many sites as possible.

When asked what hiking location an inexperienced trekker should attempt, Collins said, without a doubt, the Sequoia Bayview Trail at Joaquin Miller Park. As for the most-challenging adventure, he cited Purisima Creek Redwoods in Portola: 16 miles of rocky terrain, narrow paths, and rolling hills.

But it’s not about the challenge. “I want people to know hiking is about adventure and exploring and getting something not only with nature, but with yourself,” Collins said.

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