Guide to Peru adventure travel and action sports

Located in the west of South America, Peru offers adventures as varied as its climate and regions. With arid coastal deserts, cooler Andean highlands and tropical rainforest it plays host to spectacular scenery and exciting activities.

The landscape of Peru can be divided into three regions; the coast, the highlands and the rainforest. The coast is a narrow strip of land running from the north to the south on the east side of the country; it is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the east and the Andes mountains on the West. The land here is dry and desert like, although more greenery appears the further south you travel.

The coast has a sub tropical climate where there is little rain; this region is warmer in the north although the whole coast is subject to the cold Humboldt Current in the Pacific making the warmest time January to March and the coolest July to September. Central and Southern coastal cities are affected by fog in the winter.

The highlands of the Andes Mountains run parallel to the coast and cut the country in half. With 37 peaks of over 6000m the Andes make quite a barrier and crossing from one side of the country to the other difficult. The highest peaks of Huascarán S (6,768) Huascarán N (6,655), Yerupajá (6,617) are all in the Ancash region and part of the Cordillera Blanca range.

The highlands are affected mostly by the Andes Mountains with temperatures ranging from cool to very cold; the higher the altitude the lower the temperatures with rain in the summer months of September to March and dry winters during May to August, so plan Peru adventure travel and action sports around the conditions.

This guide to Peru adventure travel and action sports looks at the range of activities available – visiting Peru can be as relaxing or as adrenaline fueled as you wish to make it.

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