National park plans to connect two major redwood groves

Two of the largest and most ancient redwood groves in Redwood National Park — Lady Bird Johnson and Lost Man Creek — will be connected through the acquisition of the Berry Glen Trail property near the Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor.

According to the Save the Redwoods League chief program officer, the corridor, which is 5.9 acres, will provide access to the groves directly from U.S. Highway 101.

“It gives access to an entrance trail that would run up the hill and connect one side of the park to the other side across the highway,” he said.

He said the League often buys properties and holds them until they can transfer them to national parks. According to the League, the property was purchased from a private landowner in 2015 thanks to strong donor support.

“Connecting the two areas is the key highlight for this property,” Ringgold said. “We previously had to address several distressed erosion issues to threatening the highway. It will [now] add to the scenic value of this corridor.”

The Berry Glen Trail was part of an ongoing effort for both the League and Redwood National Park to fully protect the Prairie Creek Scenic Corridor and further restore the area for its long-term ecological and recreational benefits.

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