Public Library Card in Colorado Offers Hiking Perks

When it comes to Colorado’s great outdoors, the Mesa County Public Libraries are here to help connect you to local scenic hiking trails at no cost. Bob Kretschman, Public Information Manager of the Mesa County Public Libraries said, “With a library card you can do a lot more than just check out books. This parks pass program lets you actually get out and experience what the state parks have to offer. ”

All you need is your library card, and that’s it. Many different hiking passes are available for checkout including some trails outside of Colorado, like Moab Utah.

“We’ve had parents take their kids out, they check out a backpack and take their kids down to connected lakes or whatever and have a little naturalist field trip for their family,” said Kretschman.

National geographic hiking trail maps are available as well. These maps are durable and water resistant in case of an unexpected rain storm.

“We also offer camera equipment for check out. We offer some point and shoot, Nikon cool pix cameras, we have GoPro check outs. We also have a Canon TSI check out,” said Kretschman. SD memory cards, tripods, camera straps, and binoculars are available as well with certain backpack options.

Kretschman said, “The parks pass and backpack combinations, you can check those out for up to 7 days.”

Colorado hiking trails spring hours are currently in effect, which makes for the perfect opportunity for a hiking excursion that doesn’t involve any payments.


Ed. note: What a great idea. Why aren’t we doing this around the country?


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