U.S. land agency website drops hiking photo to give coal top billing

The U.S. government’s public lands website has revealed a new face, a wall of coal, as the Trump administration underscores its promotion of an industry that has seen hard times.

The Bureau of Land Management, charged with overseeing programs on vast swathes of public lands, including cattle grazing, coal leasing and recreation, changed the banner photo on its home page sometime this week, web archives show.

The banner of the agency, an arm of the Interior Department, is now dominated by a photo of a man and his truck dwarfed by a coal vein in Wyoming, the country’s top coal-producing state.

Previously, the main photo featured two backpackers – a man and a boy – on a vast mountain range gazing into the sunset.

The image switch came after President Donald Trump signed an order last week to dismantle former President Barack Obama’s climate policies. The order included a reversal of a ban on coal leasing on public lands, where 40 percent of the country’s coal is produced.

Later this week, the banner will be switched to a photo of a recreation theme, BLM said, and it will be rotated with photos that reflect the uses public lands have to offer.

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