Pulpit Rock: Hiking to the most spectacular cliff in Norway

If you’ve heard about one hiking trip in Norway, likely it was Pulpit Rock. With its jaw dropping cliff it is no wonder this is one of Norway’s most popular hikes more than 270,000 hikers complete the trip every year.

You will ascend about 330 meters [1,080 feet], but that will all be forgotten once you get to the edge of Lysefjorden and the 604 meter (1,982 feet) drop from Pulpit Rock.

The trip starts at Preikestolen Mountain Lodge where there is a large parking lot. The trail is easy to find just follow the red T painted on rocks showing you the way. The hike is 3.8 km [2.4 miles] each way and most people require 1.5 – 2 hours from the lodge to the plateau.

The best time to go is summer and fall. Snow and ice can cover the trail until mid-May. And, start early in the day to avoid the largest crowds.

This is a mountain hike and weather can change quickly. Be prepared for wind and rain. Also, wear some sturdy boots. This is a hiking trail and you will be walking on uneven ground, boulders, mud and mountain.

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