Artist-in-Residence at Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Artists have long had an impact on our perceptions of national parks. Dramatic photographs, paintings, and essays helped stimulate the establishment of many park sites and continue to foster an appreciation of them today. Artists interpret the American landscape using traditional and contemporary approaches. They share the national park experience in ways that bring enjoyment, appreciation and a sense of connection to special places that many people may not have an opportunity to visit.

The Artist-in-Residence program offers an opportunity for artists to pursue new creative endeavors while immersed in the rugged mountain landscape, rich cultural heritage and wealth of biological diversity at Great Smoky Mountains National Park. In turn, selected artists continue the long tradition of interpreting resources in ways that enrich the park experience for today’s visitors and leave lasting impressions for future generations.

GSMNP seeks writers, musicians, craftsmen, composers, painters, sculptors, photographers, storytellers, performance artists, and videographers who’s work is engaged in issues that are relevant to the park’s interpretive themes.

The program provides time for artists to develop a body of work, as well as opportunities to engage and inspire the public through outreach initiatives. In exchange for their stay in the park, the artist creates new work and generates experiences that promote visitor understanding of the need to preserve and care for this national treasure.

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