Hiking In Style: Wyoming’s Trails Get A Touch Of High Class

On Easter Sunday, six hikers tumble out of cars and gather at the East Trailhead of Turtle Rock, East of Laramie. Chuck Adams, the hike’s organizer, gathers them in a circle.

He says, “This is the fourth High Society hike that’s been in the works. The other three have occurred in Oregon, so this is the first in Wyoming so congratulations. You should feel special.”

They are special. These aren’t ordinary looking hikers. Instead, they are wearing dresses, knickers, vests, suit jackets. They’ve accessorized with rope, vintage binocular cases, bow ties, felt hats, kerchiefs, leather sheathed knives, looking like characters out of a Jules Verne novel or a Tin Tin book.

Well-dressed playfulness in nature – that’s the whole point of the High Society Hiking club. Chuck Adams is the club’s founder and got the idea from a hike he did in Italy. He says after seeing women on the trails there in heels and dresses, it got him thinking.

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