Guide to Hiking Long Island’s Greenbelt Trail System

If you want to go out and get working on that New Year’s resolution of getting fit and getting outside, consider exploring Long Island’s major hiking trail system – the Greenbelt. Long Island’s Greenbelt Trail is a 31.8-mile hiking trail that was completed in 1982 and extends from Sunken Meadow State Park on the Long Island Sound to Heckscher State Park on the Great South Bay.

After the original Long Island Greenbelt was completed, the Long Island Greenbelt Trail Conference made the push to create several more “greenbelt” trails across Long Island, each running north to south. Though hiking on Long Island may seem simple due to the largely flat topography, there are all different kinds of terrain to cover, including various types of forests, pine barrens, beaches, and marshes.

Though it is generally ranked as an “easy” trail for hiking, it is best to know what you are getting into before hiking several miles or more.

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