Girl Scouts save boys hiking Pikes Peak

Three teenagers said the survival skills they learned during Girl Scouts saved two high school boys trying to hike Pikes Peak.

Rebecca Clark, Jordan Wilson and Tristina Altman set out on Pikes Peak last weekend. They thought their toughest challenge would be summitting Pikes Peak. “We packed sleeping bags, tents, fire building stuff, water, toilet paper, necessities,” said Altman.

However, on the way down they came across two high school boys who were ill-prepared for the trip.

“One of them had altitude sickness so he was feeling light-headed and barfing all the time and the other was suffering from hypothermia because the water in his pack had opened up and got him soaking wet the last two miles,” said Clark. “We were worried about them because we were thinking, you don’t have food, you don’t have water, you don’t have a tent, what are you doing here?”

The three Girl Scouts started a fire to warm the boys. They built a shelter with ropes and tarps to shield the boys from the wind. They supplied food and water to the boys who had been drinking water from the stream.

“Everyone always tells you, maybe it will come in handy some day. But when you actually use it, you are really glad you paid attention,” said Jordan Wilson.

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