Grand History Trail would connect Pennsylvania, Maryland and D.C. Will it ever exist?

The goal is a biking and hiking trail that would take you to major cities in the Mid-Atlantic and allow you to explore more than 250 years of American history. You could ride through York and see the reconstructed Colonial Court House, where the Continental Congress met and adopted the Articles of Confederation.

You could meander through the Gettysburg battlefield, the turning point of the Civil War. You could sail past the Washington Monument in the nation’s capital, trek to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. and journey to Fort McHenry in Baltimore.

But the hill the planners must climb could be unforgiving. They must garner support from communities and pull together millions of dollars for construction. They must coordinate support among officials in at least three cities, seven counties, two states and Washington, D.C.

Some of the 33 segments that the 300-mile Grand History Trail would use already exist and are open to the public. But other sections, totaling more than 120 miles, would need to be planned, approved and built. Budgets, in the post-Recession era, remain tight, and land would need to be acquired.

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