Guided Hiking in the Finger Lakes

The Finger Lakes Trail (FLT), true to its name, traverses the entire Finger Lakes region and then some. Beginning in the west at the Pennsylvania border in the Alleghany State Forest, it wends its way eastward weaving north and south past the southern ends of the larger lakes, ending at the Long Path in the Catskills.

The Cayuga Trails Club leads regularly scheduled hikes on the FLT. “The majority of our hikes are on the Finger Lakes Trail,” said the president, “but not all. We also regularly walk on the Cayuga Trail.” The latter is an 8-mile route through the Fall Creek Natural Area owned by Cornell University.

The nature of the guiding will vary according to the Cayuga Trails member who does the leading. “Different leaders will have different information,” said the club president, who leads some hikes himself. “I know a bit about trees, so that is what I will point out, but other people are well versed in topics as varied as salamanders and local history. There is a lot of history visible along the Finger Lakes Trail.”

In addition to providing information, the “hike leader” also explains the route beforehand—including its level of difficulty—asking people to sign what Hopkins described as a “modest waiver form.” You do not have to be a member of the trails club to attend one of their hikes. During this year’s warmer months the club will have offering a series of 20 hikes on Tuesday afternoons at 5 p.m. through July 29. They also offer longer hikes on both Saturdays and Sundays and occasionally on other days of the week.

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