Basics Of Backpacking – things to know before heading out

Additional gear, area knowledge, trip planning and hiking skills are required in order to be prepared for overnight backpacking. Since summer is near, if you are considering giving this independent, adventurous and low-cost form of traveling a try, then here are some basics of backpacking travel that will come in handy.

Trip Planning
If you want all the surprises that you encounter during your travel to be happy ones, then make sure you at least spend an hour or so doing research via a guidebook.

Backpacking Gear
Thanks to the equipment of today, ultralight backpacking is easily possible since your backpack will not weigh more than 35 pounds even if you load it with all your weekend supplies.

Backpacking Food
How well you dine while traveling all depends how smartly you plan your menu. It will be best if you do as much preparation work as possible at home before leaving.

Backpacking Fitness
Backpacking for a weekend should not be a problem for you if can hike for a couple of hours. However, if you want your second day to feel just like the first one, then you should do a bit of training.

Backpacking Skills
When going on a trip like this, you should be familiar with essential skills such as reading a trail map, using a compass, wilderness first-aid, digging a cathole, lighting a stove and pitching a tent.

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